Eye Surgery in Hot Climates Chapter 5: Cataract Surgery

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PDF File Eye Surgery in Hot Climates Chapter 5: Cataract Surgery . A cataract is an opacity of the crystalline lens in the eye (see fig. 5.1). About 40 million people in the world are blind and about half of these are blind from cataract. Most patients with cataract are elderly but there are many who are young or middle aged. At present the only treatment for cataract is the removal of the opaque lens. It is not likely that any other treatment or means of preventing cataract will be discovered in the next few years. Therefore the greatest chal- lenge for ophthalmology in the world at present is to make cataract surgery available for all. Some of the issues in providing appropriate cataract surgery have been discussed in general terms in Chapter 1 in the introduction, and the student may find it helpful to think again about these basic principles described on pages 4–12.

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