Magnetostratigraphic Construct of Wate Section in North Tarim Basin

published in: Earth Science // Geology

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PDF File Magnetostratigraphic Construct of Wate Section in The North Tarim Basin. Chinese Journal of Geophysics Vol 54, Np. 3, 2011, pp: 334-342. Abstract Magnetostratigraphic results of Awate Section from 1606 horizons in Neogene strata between the upper Jidike Formation and the base of the Xiyu Formation in the Kuche Depression of the Tarim Basin, are used to evaluate the tectonic evolution of Tianshan Range. Progressive thermal demagnetization successfully isolated a linear characteristic remanent magnetization of dual polarity between 450 and 680°C, from which a magnetic polarity sequence is constructed. Twenty-six reversed and twenty-six normal polarity chrons can be identified from the composite magnetostratigraphy, which correlate between ~1.7 and ~15.1 Ma with the geomagnetic polarity time scale of Cande and Kent.

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