Mururoa atoll’s Magnetostratigraphic Dating of Shallow-water Carbonates

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PDF File Mururoa atoll’s Magnetostratigraphic dating of shallow-water carbonates. French Polynesia: implications for global eustasy. Magnetostratigraphic results are reported from a core penetrating the top 100 m of Mururoa atoll, French Polynesia. The sequence of polarity reversals, based on relative up-down direction in the unoriented core, is correlated to the geomagnetic polarity time-scale from the Gauss (early Pliocene) through the Brunhes chron (late Pleistocene—Holo- cene). The polarity sequence is matched with the help of an early Brunhes radiometric date in a nearby core and the projected level of Gephyrocapsa oceanica (mid-Brunhes) from an adjacent inclined core. Rock-magnetic tests and extraction of magnetic components suggest a mixture of single- and multi-domain magnetite or maghemite carries the magnetic remanence

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Mururoa atoll’s Magnetostratigraphic Dating of Shallow-water Carbonates

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