Neovascular Glaucoma Surgical Management

published in: Eye Surgery

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PDF File Neovascular Glaucoma Surgical Management. Abstract: Neovascular glaucoma is a vision- and eye-threatening dis- ease that carries a poor prognosis. Understanding the cause of neovas- cular glaucoma with early diagnosis and treatment is important for a positive outcome. There are numerous surgical treatment options avail- able, but to have the best outcome, deciding which surgical technique to use is important. Some patients are better candidates than others for the various surgical techniques. An early- or late-stage clinical presentation, as well as the other ocular conditions associated with neovascular glau- coma, will dictate the appropriate surgical plan. This article provides a step-by-step approach to surgically managing neovascular glaucoma and explains new surgical techniques to help with the best chance of a pos- itive patient outcome

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