Review of Journal of the International Phonetic Association

published in: Linguistics

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PDF File Review of Journal of the International Phonetic Association . This book is largely intended for students of English phonetics (especially for beginners) but it is also suitable for any student of phonetics with an advanced knowledge of English. It does not cover all fields of phonetics but focuses rather on articulation. Speech Sounds is divided into ten chapters. Chapter 1 introduces the difference between spoken language and written language. The author also deals with general concepts such as SPEECH SOUND, VOWEL, CONSONANT and VARIETIES of spoken language although she concentrates on English varieties only. In chapter 2, phonetic transcription is introduced, starting from the Roman alphabet, since the phonetic and the Roman alphabets have symbols in common. Southern British English (SBE) is presented as a model for foreign students/speakers of English. Chapter 3 deals with the production of consonants. The author describes the whole process of sound articulation between our lungs and lips.

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