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Sample Scholarship Resume. Your Name. Your Address. Your e-mail address. Your phone number. Education. Riverton High School. â–ª Graduation Date: May 22, …

Sample Scholarship Resume
Your Name Your Address Your e-mail address Your phone number Education Riverton High School Graduation Date: May 22, 2005 Grade Point Average:
(only include in 3.0 or better)

Class Rank: (This information is available from Mrs. Elgin or Mr. Irvine) Work Experience Dates of employment Your job title Your specific duties Name of Business Address of Business

Example 6/2003 to Present The Bull Waitress Served meals to customers Bussed tables Seated customers

Riverton, WY

Volunteer Experience Date of Experience Name of organization, activity or group Type of service provided (This can include both in school and out of school activities such as FHA, church activities, sport camps, county fair, fund raisers i.e. Relay for Life, officiating at or coaching youth activities, etc) Awards and Honors Received This includes in and out of school items. Special Skills and Talents Examples: ten-key proficient, filing, Excel proficient, welding, art, music, power tools, etc Interests and Activities This tells a little more about you that may not be included in the items above.

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