Short Article: Cataract Surgery and Uveitis

published in: Eye Surgery

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PDF File Short Article: Cataract Surgery and Uveitis . Cataract develops in patients with uveitis because of the uveitis itself and also because of the steroids which is the cornerstone of treating uveitis. Cataract developing in an eye with a history of chronic or recurrent uveitis has historically been called cataracta complicata, and, indeed, the uveitic cataract is complicated cataract. It is complicated both from the standpoint of technical aspects of the surgery itself (limited access secondary to posterior synechiae, pupillary membrane, and pupillary sphincter sclerosis, iris delicacy and vascular abnormalities, and pre – existing glaucoma), and also because of the high likelihood of an exuberant postoperative inf lammatory response which can ruin the desired surgical outcome.

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