Teacher Paper: Ayurveda Approach to Osteoporosis

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PDF File Teacher Paper: Ayurveda Approach to Osteoporosis. One of my ciients, Mary, was an enthusiastic woman, very independent, active and passionate about dancing. At the age of 65, she was diagnosed with osteoporosis, the initially “symptomless” disease that silently weakens the bones and makes them vulnerable to any minor accident. The diagnosis not only required her to reduce the level of activity in her life, but seeded a permanent fear at the possibility of breaking a bone. Her doctor explained that she needed to make immediate changes to her lifestyle such as stop dancing completely, avoid wearing heels of any size, avoid all exercise (except waiking),or even carrying a heavy purse over her shoulder. With time, her fear evolved into depression _ and the realization ofthe inevitability of entering “old age”

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