What is a PDF?

Description: PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Saving a document in this format ensures that it will look the same when viewed on another computer as it did on the original computer when created. It will also have a MUCH smaller file size, hence the “portable” part of the name.

How To Create/Edit PDF Files For Free

Description: This tutorial will show you ways to read, edit, and create PDF files without spending any money.


Convert Word to PDF

Description: Convert word to PDF, this tutorial shows how to convert a word doc to PDF free, using freeware to generate a pdf document from a word file


Scan to PDF

Description: Chris is a geek and his friends know it, so they ask him questions. Joz is looking for a document scanner that will scan documents into PDF documents. Chris has some suggestions that just might help


How to Make PDF Ebooks

Description: This short video guides you through the process of making a PDF ebook with Office 2007, Open Office and more.